DC Tree Felling is one of the highest rated tree felling companies in Cape Town. 

We deliver on our promise and it shows.



We have been providing tree felling services in
Cape Town for over a decade!

  • All of our projects are fully insured by outSURANCE.
  • We have a highly skilled team of expert tree fellers.
  • We always treat our highly valued clients professionally and put them first.
  • our services  are highly rated by our lovely clients.
  • We operate in remote areas of the western cape region.
  • We offer quotations free of charge
  • We remove any type of tree regardless of the complications around the tree.

Need advise? Call Now!!

We understand the struggle you have to go through trying to come up with the actual way that you need your trees done, that is why  we have experts ready to help you with the proper advise and suggestions.  Don’t get stuck, get in touch on 0641125130 to get your trees done.


Why Work With Us?

DC has been in business for more than a decade with testimonials and references available to share their amazing encounters with our hard working team. We treat our clients with the utmost respect they deserve for supporting our business. 

We work efficiently

We use modern equipment and tools so that we can efficiently remove trees without risk to the safety of you and your property

We have the experience, tools and knowledge to safely remove any tree in any location.

Removing trees from your property maybe necessary in order to protect people and property from being damaged by falling branches or the entire trees  falling over.

 However removing trees require experience as well as specialised tools that will help minimize damage to the surrounding structures and vegetation. You need a reliable tree felling company to help with assessment of the risk associated with some of the tree felling projects. For more details concerning hoe the tree felling process works – here is the 10 step guide to tree removal.