Why do I need my trees trimmed?

  • Every tree requires regular trimming as part of its upkeep. When an issue is ignored, it becomes worse and may even cause substantial damage. Tree trimming is needed as it promotes healthy growth and its a great way to maintain order and prevent out of control plant growth.

Having your trees trimmed improves the growth of foliage and promotes a healthier environment. When trees  are trimmed properly, they can grow new branches and develop  a more attractive appearance. This is important because overgrown trees that are not trimmed may not be able to receive enough sunlight or air circulation, which can lead to disease or pests that could harm your entire property especially your garden. The improved health of your trees will also benefit you in many ways :




  • It will reduce the risk of falling branches 
  •  It provides better access for fire fighters during emergencies such as fires or storms
  • It makes it easier and safer for workers who need to climb up into the canopy to do maintenance work

Tree Felling Upkeep

Roots damaging sewer lines

If you live in an area where there are strong winds then trimming trees will keep your property safe from debris, twigs or branches falling on your roof. This can cause damages to the structure of your home and if its not properly repaired it could result in thousands of rands in repairs.

The trimming of trees should be done regularly to insure that they remain healthy and pest free.

It is important to trim trees regularly because it helps in preventing  powerlines from damages and as well as to reduce the risk of fire.

Additionally tree trimming helps in preventing the spread of diseases from one tree to another. The foliage on healthy tree will grow evenly without creating imbalance on its branches or roots.  A healthy garden consists of well maintained trees that can withstand strong winds and other elements like rain or snowfall without any issues at all!

Trees on power lines

When to seek assistance?

Make an appointment for trimming routine upkeep with a tree trimming specialist who can keep your trees

 looking excellent. We have been providing our trimming services in Table View for over more than 7 years and

 we love to assist you with all your tree felling needs.

Get in touch:

 -Whenever you discover that your tree might be stressed or diseased 

-when they are dead or loose branches hanging in your trees

-when trees planted on top of sewer-lines, waterpipes and electric cables starts to cause any major problems

What do tree trimming costs ?

The price to trim trees depends on a number of factors such as the size, location, amount of work and the number of loads that needs to be taken off site. We prefer to come to you for a proper assessment and if you in the area close to us its completely free of charge.


How often should a tree be trimmed?

When it comes to the trimming of trees there is no one size fit all answer.

The frequency of your trimming depends on the type, size of your tree and also on its health.  If there are any dead limbs or loose branches hanging on your driveways then it is  best to get them removed as they can cause accidents and injuries to occur

For smaller trees with manageable branches- such as olive trees you may only need our services once every 

few years for maintenance purposes.